Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things about me in 2012 :)

Its 2012 and i feel so invigorated!!! i feel fresh, lively and happy to be alive!! this year will be a year of laughing, new friends, dancing randomly, singing loudly, living outrageously and loving hard :) oh and i almost forgot, instead of writing a list of resolutions i decided that i am going to mark off every single thing on my bucket list. :) besides the marry in the temple, have kids, travel to expensive places etc. haha but i decided that i dont want to die and regret not doing the things im waiting to no more waiting!! i have 365 days to accomplish about 365 amazing things!! i would love it if people helped me accomplish this goal :)
so as i have nothing much more to say im going to share some of my secret pleasures, my beauty tips, and my obsessions :)

My OBSESSIONS! haha be prepared im pretty passionate about my loves! <3

Firstly MARIO. yes the small plumber who goes to brightly colored lands and down tubes to battle turtles and brown mushrooms and and evil dragon all in pursuit of his lovely princess peach :) the games are amazing for one, and all my favorites, super smash bros, mario kart, paper mario, super mario sunshine, mario party 1-infinity ;), mario tennis and etc :) i am soooo a romantic and i think that its just dashing how mario loves his peach :) heres a pic of my new wallet ;)

Secondly Pride and Prejudice!! the movie with keira knightly is seriously my weakness...haha im not ashamed to admit ive seen that movie over 50 times!! Mr darcy is babe worthy and elizabeth is everything i want to be :) But i must say what makes me swoon and giggle like a weirdy is when mr. Darcy tells elizabeth that he loves her most 'ardently'!!!!!! OH WOW MY HEART IS BEATING FAST! haha i love that word and would literally faint to have a guy say that to me1 :) im also very excited because my school is putting on the play pride and prejudice and tomorrow im trying out!! im nervous but very excited! i really really really want to be elizabeth!!! so wish me luck!! :)

Thirdly as everyone knows ASIANS, and not just because i think they are super attractive, but also because there culture, music, entertainment, and cute little trinkets ^~^ like my bunny ipod case :)
Next is my favorite food....SUSHI BABY!! best stuff ever! i recently tried calamari sushi and loved it! next date i go on will be for sushi :)

So i may be a nerd but READING!this year i am going to read 100 books and 25 in one month :) ive read 16 books in one month but i want to beat it!! :) so if anyone has favorite books id love some more recommendations! when i grow up and buy a house there will be books strewn across the stairs, on every surface, and in every cranny :) i would like the library in beauty and the beast, i would go a little crazy in there :) :)

I love Blasting Music, dancing in the mirror, trying on clothes, getting ready for parties, and breaking out in song!
And lastly Art, i love being inspired and driven by the want of creation :) i love the feeling of having a image in your head that has been revealed by emotion and putting it into reality :) that is what drives me onward and upward :)

Now on To the.....

5 Beauty Tips i live by!!
1. a great posture! Having a great posture is not just what your mother told you to have, but its a way to show confidence, look thinner, and in the end make you feel better and healthier!
2. A yogurt face mask 2x a week!!! I first heard about doing a Plain yogurt face mask from my favorite beauty guru Bubzbeauty, (check her hair,makeup, and health tutorials on youtube they are amazing!) and i love this treatment! You paint your face with the yogurt and keep it on for 30 min. it is so cooling and refreshing and it leaves your skin feeling younger, healthier, smoother and oh so suave ;) it has reduced redness and blotchiness in my skin and helps prevent break outs! :)

3. Blow drying your hair upside down, its a well known trick and i must say i love it :) i remember watching my sisters when i was little and they would flip there hair upside down and crunch and brush and blowdry and even sometimes use the floor air vents to give them voluminous and gorgeous hair :) i was always so excited for when i could do the same :) and now its a daily routine :)

4.Vitamins!! from simple daily vitamins to the a,b,c,d vitamins to the wonder pre-natal pills they keep your body healthy your immune system healthy and help your hair and nails to grow beautifully :) Also eating tons of fruits and vegatables!! Eat a rainbow of foods everyday!!!

5. smiling always. Smiling is always the number one when you want to look prettier :)cuz your never fully dressed without a smile!!!

So thats the end of my little fun post! i hope you enjoyed it and gained a smile or two in the process! :) goodnight from Jenneveev!! Take over the universe everyone!!! :) MWAH!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December BlUeS and TuNeS

It's a few days before the new And at the moment I just feel so under achieved or something. I keep asking myself 'am I any different then who I was last year?' and the answer is obviously and 100% yes but still am I different in the ways I wanted to be?? Sigh...well maybe it's just the December blues getting to me or the lack of vitamin d but today has been...dissapointing in the least. BUT I'm still smiling and I'm taking everything one breath at a time :)
So on a happy note here's a few lyrics to my top two songs :)
First is Headstrong by trapt-Circling your, circling your, circling your head,
Contemplating everything you ever said
Now I see the truth, I got doubt...Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong. Headstrong I'll take you on.

Aaaand Mr. Know it all by Kelly Clarkson-
Well ya, ya like to bring me down, don't you?
But I ain't laying down, baby, I ain't goin' down
Nobody's gonna make a fool out of me
Baby, you should know that I lead not follow
Oh you think that you know me, know me
You don't know a thing about me <3

Aww Music speaks when the person cannot :) so true :)
Well.... even though today wasn't the best Tommorrow is s new chance to smile anew and redeem today :) night night Yo :) sweet dreams :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kisses of many Colors

I thought that the title kisses of many colors was cute and fun :) the reasons behind it is 1 im a teenage girl who wouldnt mind having her first kiss around the holidays :) and 2 theres so much color and happiness in my life its crazy!!! :)
Its the middle of December and a light layer of snow is covering EVERYTHING! okay okay thats a lie there is only a layer on the cement and instead of inspiring christmas spirit it inspires falling and tripping.
At Least there might be snow on the ground on christmas :) And thats what counts :)

I may not sound very interesting right now, so if you think so too stop reading, and although you will be missed its okay :)

I keep thinking of the five things that make me gloriously happy :)

#1-My Asian Soap Operas <3 And right now my love is Coffee Prince! an adorable love story about a girl who is mistaken as a boy and is hired to work at a prince cafe by the super attractive boy she loves!!! its full of romance, hilarious moments, and it totally inspires me and makes me dance like a fool, and brings out the favorite kind of me :)

#2-Wrapping presents!!! I love the thrill of being surrounded by completly fabulous and colorful papers, with tangles of ribbon, and bows galor!! plus the amazing thought of the person unwrapping your gift is completly fabulous!

#3-CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! so happy to have 18 days of complete bliss!!! Thank goodness for no school!

#4- my braces are OFFF!!! I feel like a babe and have amazingly fabulous white teeth ^~^ which will be even whiter after I get my white strips for Christmas :) I honestly can't stop smiling or rubbing my tongue over them x)

#5- blogging :) Something that let's me be an idiot and a fool by letting me talk to the masses :) haha lots of love to all!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On my brain

Things on my mind are-
•How much I miss my brother :/
•How much I miss my friends who have gotten distant from me :/
•How much I LOVE fun and confident guys :)
•What amazingly incredible friends I have!! My girls are the best people I know without them life would be a twinkie with no cream in the middle ^~^ <3
•A really real difficult descision that I don't want to make (pout) :/
•How much I love NINTENDO! <3
•The fact that I would marry Mario right Now:)
•How excited I am for a brand new year and brand new choices and people and experiences!!
•a super legit art project I want to start
• and the fact that Christmas is 2 flippen days away!!! Whaaat??? Crazy stuff I know!!! So excited Yo!!!

The end :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

EaT a RaInBoW eVeRyDaY!!

"Eat a rainbow everyday!!!" words i found sketched into an old notebook during a class...words that made me take a second look at them :)it may sound like a weird saying, i mean everyone knows the only way to eat a rainbow is to eat skittles!! :) duh!! ;)but in all honesty these words hit home for me,,,i see it as a challenge a challange to wake up and take in the colors of the world around us and shine them back out even brighter then before by creating smiles on others faces...and for me i do this through my art :) so heres my deep as the ocean thoughts about art and moments in our life created through "EATING A RAINBOW EVERYDAY" :) <3

The Musings of an artists work, of there masterpieces...Every artist in there unstable lifetime gives birth to a moment, if you will. A moment, a glance, a stirring and even a CHANGE.

To the artist in question, this moment is the blood in there bodies, the deepest pieces of there hearts, and the acheing of there souls and minds and bodies.
And in appreciation and mocking of there work, people just get a single moment from an artists entire work. But a moment all the same...a moment that may never be remembered, a moment that could even change there perspective on life or just cause a moment of blissful happiness and inspiration.
"A persons Physcological, emotional and sentimental feelings and thoughts can become attached to a certain artists masterpiece. It can over rule their senses and cause the mind to stimulate chemicals of joy, exhiliration, sadness, pain, courage and love.."-(quote from a piano player i met.)
Each masterpiece or moment, is a possibility that takes place for an hour, a day, even a seconds worth, and is full of smiles, laughs, tears, or exhiliration :) These moments are what change human nature. They cause ordinary to become EXTRAordinary. We as artists can make someone smile for a blissful moment, we can make someone forget there awful pains and sorrows, or we can cause others to reflect on circumstances in a different and more positive light.
This is what as an artist i hope to achieve...i hope to make as many people within sight of my work, happier, and more hopeful. :) Just as Walt Disney, my hero, changed the world by not offering world peace, or negotiating with countries, but by making people smile :) By making childrens dreams come true, by making the imagination not just viewed as a peice of the mind, but as a real tangable peice of art each of us have inside of us.
So shine the colors inside of you, and eat a rainbow each morning, so that you can paint your own picture upon lifes canvas, make a difference, make a change, make a MOMENT...<3

TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE TIP #3-When you wake up in the morning look for ways to make others lives better, look for oppurtunities to use your personal awesomness to make someone smile :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bare feet & stars && happiness <3

It's funny how at 1 in the morning you can have moments that change your life and make you see a......spectacular way!! ^~^ right now im Lyin awake thinkin random happy thoughts, tracing the stars with my fingers :) and do you know what I think, each star is a wish come true and an inspiration to us all to live Tommorrow a little happier and to challenge us to live a little more carefree :) guess what stars,, challenge accepted!!! ^~^
I've made the decision. The decision that everyone has to make some time or another, and it's whether your going to live, or not. It's the decision that draws the line between normal people, and brilliant people :) we can choose to live life in the drivers seat and decide where we are going, how were getting there and what detours were gonna take :) or we can live as the hobo you just passed on the side of the road in Kansas ;) haha but seriously I believe the only difference between influential people and normal people is just their perspective on the world :) and perspective starts in the heart, it's what you make of it and it's who you are :) once you find your perspective, and I mean YOUR, personal ,yours only ,perspective can you change the world one smile at a time and be truly happy :) and right now happiness looks like stars, bare feet, and hot chocolate :) happiness comes in different shapes and colors :) but it all depends on your perspective :)

Take over the universe tip day #2- find things that make you truly smile, :) like a cute owl notebook or a romance movie, it could be a piece of chocolate or a adorable pen, it could even be a panda hat, or a ring :) just find the thing that makes you smile and keep it close :) when we have something that triggers the smile reflex or the "oh it SOOO CUTE!!!!" reflex it helps us to live a little simpler, breathe a little easier and love a little deeper :) right now for me my cute smile factor Is my
DOMO earrings x) love to all!!! Night night!!! And sweet dreams :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bright Lights at temple square!!

I have to say, the beginning of Christmas season is always official after I see the lights at temple square :)
And after a long, exhausting and awful day being sick, going with my wards pals was the bomb :) I swear they always cheer me up and make me feel so loved and special :) especially when they hold my hand and fight over whos in my car x) hahaha whenever I feel down I just need to take a dose of my amazing ward :) they make me so hopeful for my future and so happy with my present, they are the kind of friends you know will always be there no matter how much time passes and that's something I cherish :)
Temple square is seriously such a photographers dream around Christmas time!! So I included two of me own pictures :) I think my next post will be of everything I've made with my mad artist skills cuz Christmas time gets me in an artsy mood, but that's Just me :) well it's time for some sleepy time so goodnight for today!!

Take over the universe tip day #1-do what you want to do, go ahead smile at him, tell them how attractive they are, express yourself!! Don't be afraid of being honest to who and what you are, challenge yourself to say at least one thing you usually wouldn't say, go ahead BE BOLD!! :))
P.s. Just came up with the whole universe tip thing,,, kind of like it!!! Maybe it will give everyone something to look forward to everyday :) cuz that's ALWAYS funner :)