Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bare feet & stars && happiness <3

It's funny how at 1 in the morning you can have moments that change your life and make you see a......spectacular way!! ^~^ right now im Lyin awake thinkin random happy thoughts, tracing the stars with my fingers :) and do you know what I think, each star is a wish come true and an inspiration to us all to live Tommorrow a little happier and to challenge us to live a little more carefree :) guess what stars,, challenge accepted!!! ^~^
I've made the decision. The decision that everyone has to make some time or another, and it's whether your going to live, or not. It's the decision that draws the line between normal people, and brilliant people :) we can choose to live life in the drivers seat and decide where we are going, how were getting there and what detours were gonna take :) or we can live as the hobo you just passed on the side of the road in Kansas ;) haha but seriously I believe the only difference between influential people and normal people is just their perspective on the world :) and perspective starts in the heart, it's what you make of it and it's who you are :) once you find your perspective, and I mean YOUR, personal ,yours only ,perspective can you change the world one smile at a time and be truly happy :) and right now happiness looks like stars, bare feet, and hot chocolate :) happiness comes in different shapes and colors :) but it all depends on your perspective :)

Take over the universe tip day #2- find things that make you truly smile, :) like a cute owl notebook or a romance movie, it could be a piece of chocolate or a adorable pen, it could even be a panda hat, or a ring :) just find the thing that makes you smile and keep it close :) when we have something that triggers the smile reflex or the "oh it SOOO CUTE!!!!" reflex it helps us to live a little simpler, breathe a little easier and love a little deeper :) right now for me my cute smile factor Is my
DOMO earrings x) love to all!!! Night night!!! And sweet dreams :)

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