Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bright Lights at temple square!!

I have to say, the beginning of Christmas season is always official after I see the lights at temple square :)
And after a long, exhausting and awful day being sick, going with my wards pals was the bomb :) I swear they always cheer me up and make me feel so loved and special :) especially when they hold my hand and fight over whos in my car x) hahaha whenever I feel down I just need to take a dose of my amazing ward :) they make me so hopeful for my future and so happy with my present, they are the kind of friends you know will always be there no matter how much time passes and that's something I cherish :)
Temple square is seriously such a photographers dream around Christmas time!! So I included two of me own pictures :) I think my next post will be of everything I've made with my mad artist skills cuz Christmas time gets me in an artsy mood, but that's Just me :) well it's time for some sleepy time so goodnight for today!!

Take over the universe tip day #1-do what you want to do, go ahead smile at him, tell them how attractive they are, express yourself!! Don't be afraid of being honest to who and what you are, challenge yourself to say at least one thing you usually wouldn't say, go ahead BE BOLD!! :))
P.s. Just came up with the whole universe tip thing,,, kind of like it!!! Maybe it will give everyone something to look forward to everyday :) cuz that's ALWAYS funner :)


  1. You are sooo cute Jenni! I love your guts! long as they STAY INSIDE OF YOU!! ;D

  2. Jenni, you are awesome! I love your personality and your boldness. I love you for being true to who you are, no matter what! You are a great example and I am so grateful to know you!!! Love you!!!