Sunday, December 18, 2011

On my brain

Things on my mind are-
•How much I miss my brother :/
•How much I miss my friends who have gotten distant from me :/
•How much I LOVE fun and confident guys :)
•What amazingly incredible friends I have!! My girls are the best people I know without them life would be a twinkie with no cream in the middle ^~^ <3
•A really real difficult descision that I don't want to make (pout) :/
•How much I love NINTENDO! <3
•The fact that I would marry Mario right Now:)
•How excited I am for a brand new year and brand new choices and people and experiences!!
•a super legit art project I want to start
• and the fact that Christmas is 2 flippen days away!!! Whaaat??? Crazy stuff I know!!! So excited Yo!!!

The end :)

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