Monday, December 19, 2011

Kisses of many Colors

I thought that the title kisses of many colors was cute and fun :) the reasons behind it is 1 im a teenage girl who wouldnt mind having her first kiss around the holidays :) and 2 theres so much color and happiness in my life its crazy!!! :)
Its the middle of December and a light layer of snow is covering EVERYTHING! okay okay thats a lie there is only a layer on the cement and instead of inspiring christmas spirit it inspires falling and tripping.
At Least there might be snow on the ground on christmas :) And thats what counts :)

I may not sound very interesting right now, so if you think so too stop reading, and although you will be missed its okay :)

I keep thinking of the five things that make me gloriously happy :)

#1-My Asian Soap Operas <3 And right now my love is Coffee Prince! an adorable love story about a girl who is mistaken as a boy and is hired to work at a prince cafe by the super attractive boy she loves!!! its full of romance, hilarious moments, and it totally inspires me and makes me dance like a fool, and brings out the favorite kind of me :)

#2-Wrapping presents!!! I love the thrill of being surrounded by completly fabulous and colorful papers, with tangles of ribbon, and bows galor!! plus the amazing thought of the person unwrapping your gift is completly fabulous!

#3-CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! so happy to have 18 days of complete bliss!!! Thank goodness for no school!

#4- my braces are OFFF!!! I feel like a babe and have amazingly fabulous white teeth ^~^ which will be even whiter after I get my white strips for Christmas :) I honestly can't stop smiling or rubbing my tongue over them x)

#5- blogging :) Something that let's me be an idiot and a fool by letting me talk to the masses :) haha lots of love to all!!

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