Monday, December 12, 2011

EaT a RaInBoW eVeRyDaY!!

"Eat a rainbow everyday!!!" words i found sketched into an old notebook during a class...words that made me take a second look at them :)it may sound like a weird saying, i mean everyone knows the only way to eat a rainbow is to eat skittles!! :) duh!! ;)but in all honesty these words hit home for me,,,i see it as a challenge a challange to wake up and take in the colors of the world around us and shine them back out even brighter then before by creating smiles on others faces...and for me i do this through my art :) so heres my deep as the ocean thoughts about art and moments in our life created through "EATING A RAINBOW EVERYDAY" :) <3

The Musings of an artists work, of there masterpieces...Every artist in there unstable lifetime gives birth to a moment, if you will. A moment, a glance, a stirring and even a CHANGE.

To the artist in question, this moment is the blood in there bodies, the deepest pieces of there hearts, and the acheing of there souls and minds and bodies.
And in appreciation and mocking of there work, people just get a single moment from an artists entire work. But a moment all the same...a moment that may never be remembered, a moment that could even change there perspective on life or just cause a moment of blissful happiness and inspiration.
"A persons Physcological, emotional and sentimental feelings and thoughts can become attached to a certain artists masterpiece. It can over rule their senses and cause the mind to stimulate chemicals of joy, exhiliration, sadness, pain, courage and love.."-(quote from a piano player i met.)
Each masterpiece or moment, is a possibility that takes place for an hour, a day, even a seconds worth, and is full of smiles, laughs, tears, or exhiliration :) These moments are what change human nature. They cause ordinary to become EXTRAordinary. We as artists can make someone smile for a blissful moment, we can make someone forget there awful pains and sorrows, or we can cause others to reflect on circumstances in a different and more positive light.
This is what as an artist i hope to achieve...i hope to make as many people within sight of my work, happier, and more hopeful. :) Just as Walt Disney, my hero, changed the world by not offering world peace, or negotiating with countries, but by making people smile :) By making childrens dreams come true, by making the imagination not just viewed as a peice of the mind, but as a real tangable peice of art each of us have inside of us.
So shine the colors inside of you, and eat a rainbow each morning, so that you can paint your own picture upon lifes canvas, make a difference, make a change, make a MOMENT...<3

TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE TIP #3-When you wake up in the morning look for ways to make others lives better, look for oppurtunities to use your personal awesomness to make someone smile :)

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